Art in the Park Art Show

During the spring in past years we have invited Houston-based artists from Municipal Dirt to install art pieces in Russ Pitman Park. Artists will create and install site specific sculptures and other art specifically for this park and this show. The original art will only be displayed for around 6 weeks. 

Past Participants/Artists:

Melissa Alley, Karen Brasier-Young, Vachu Chilakamarri, James Ciosek, Jordan Dupuis, Orna Feinstein, Jeff Forster, Mikey Georgeson, Lydia Hance, Mark Hirsch, Kathryn Kelley, Ann Johnson, Mari Omori, Patrick Renner, Loueva Smith, Carol Scott, Paul Tecklenberg, Justin Varner, Jason Villegas, June Woest, Jo Zider(curator), and Grace Zuniga. 


Curated by Jo Zider


Click here for a full press release about the 2014 Art in the Park Exhibit.




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