Art in the Park Art Show

Join us in March and April of 2014 for a 6th year of public art in the park. Stroll the park trails, enjoy the spring wildflowers, and appreciate art in a natural setting. Every spring we invite Houston-based artists from Municipal Dirt to install art pieces in Russ Pitman Park. Artists will create and install site specific sculptures and other art specifically for this park and this show. The original art will only be up for 6 weeks, so come and see this gorgeous marriage of art and nature while you can! The installation will be open to the public during regular park hours.

2014 Art in the Park - Color Up/Color Down

How nature teases our senses!  How does an artist respond to the theme:  COLOR UP/COLOR DOWN, within the context of a nature conservancy? Come observe the exhibit and/or attend an associated event to find out!

Associated Events:

Saturday, March 15 from 5 - 7 pm:  Opening reception - free to the public
Wednesday, April 2 from 7 - 8 pm:  Adult Lecture/Walk - A tour of the exhibit led by Jo Zider, Exhibit Curator.




Melissa Alley, Karen Brasier-Young, Vachu Chilakamarri, James Ciosek, Jordan Dupuis, Orna Feinstein, Jeff Forster, Mikey Georgeson, Lydia Hance, Mark Hirsch, Kathryn Kelley, Ann Johnson, Mari Omori, Patrick Renner, Loueva Smith, Carol Scott, Paul Tecklenberg, Justin Varner, Jason Villegas, June Woest, Jo Zider(curator), and Grace Zuniga. 


Curated by Jo Zider


Click here for a full press release about the 2014 Art in the Park Exhibit.


Pieces in the 2014 Exhibit Color Up/Color Down






2013 Art Show - Movement

Nelda Gilliam's installation “Home” will be hung in an oval shaped archway in the park. It includes wooden house  shapes and nearly 100 images of some of the migrating birds that frequent Russ Pitman Park.

Ann Johnson uses mixed media, intaglio and found objects and will be experimenting with an aspect of dance using printed leaves.

A short film by Aaron Courtland, titled "The Movement Lab" will be shown during the opening reception, Saturday, March 16, 4-6 pm.

2012 Art Show - It's a Phase



2011 Art Show - Defining Green





2010 Art Show - Preserving Space

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