Traveling Science Exhibits

Reserve one of the Nature Discovery Center's exhibits for your school or classroom, complete with teaching materials, student data sheets, and activities. The exhibit is delivered to your school, set up for you, and a training session is provided to ensure that you get the most out of the materials. The exhibits have activities for all grade levels and can be effectively used by all the students.

Click here for a printable Traveling Science Exhibit flyer (PDF).  Spring SALE flyer

Click here for printable TEKS Correlates for our Traveling Science Exhibits (PDF).

Note:  Prices for each exhibit are based on a rental period of one month.

Call 713.667.6550 for more information and to make a reservation.

The Wetlands

Discover wetland properties and processes through inquiry based experiments. Exhibit includes activities, display, video, and curriculum guide. Recommended for larger spaces - around 400 sq. ft..   (Wetlands Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $500  NOW just $400

Follow the Flyway

Turn your science lab or other room into a migratory pathway! In this exhibit, students investigate bird behavior and adaptations. Children travel between six centers: nesting, preening, identification, navigation, feeding, and weather. This exhibit is suitable for smaller spaces - around 200 sq. ft.   (Flyway Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $300  NOW just $200

The Rainforest, Ties to the Tropics

Explore a Central American rainforest in your school. Children discover the diversity in the rainforest and discover ties between the rainforest and their lives here in Houston. Recommended for larger spaces - around 400 sq. ft. (Rainforest Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $500  NOW just $400

The Prairie

Explore the American Prairie in your own school. Students find habitats for various prairie animals, examine the complexity of prairie dog towns, and discover the unique features of grass. Recommended for larger spaces - around 400 sq. ft.   (Prairie Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $500  NOW just $400

Backyard Biology

Explore life in a backyard during dawn, day, dusk, and night. Children learn through hands-on activities about life in a woodpile, how bees communicate, and which flowers beetles prefer. Look in the trash can to find who's scavenging, peek under the porch to find decomposers, and use a pair of binoculars for some birdwatching! Recommended for larger spaces - around 400 sq. ft. (Backyard Biology Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $800  NOW just $500

The Sargasso Sea

Students journey under the ocean and through the Sargasso Sea as they discover the variety of animals living in this unique habitat. A wide variety of hands-on investigative activities help students discover how seashells get their names, ocean animal defense strategies, and much more. Recommended for larger spaces.   (Sargasso Sea Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $800  NOW just $500

On Display at the Center Now ...

Geo Zone

Bring the Earth Tunnel to your school. In the tunnel, students explore the ages of the earth to learn about animals and plants from different eras. On a rock formation wall, children discover where different types of rocks are found. In addition, this exhibit includes activity stations where students investigate various aspects of geology and paleontology. Recommended for larger spaces - around 400 sq. ft. (GeoZone Exhibit Photos)
Cost: $800   NOW just $500         Add the mastodon bone dig for only $150!

“This [Backyard Biology] exhibit is great – so creative! Charlotte wishes she could go in the house. The Audubon birds are a hit.” ~ Mom of Charlotte, age 5


“It was wonderful. The Earth Tunnel was very interesting and useful. The students love to touch all the rocks in the GeoMart.” ~  2nd grade (bilingual) teacher, Burbank Elementary School


“Thanks so much! Both teachers and students liked the GeoMart, Rock Testing and the Ages of the Earth (in the Earth Tunnel) best for all the hands-on activities.” ~ 1st grade (bilingual) teacher, Burbank Elementary School


“We improved our science scores by 37 points with the help of your traveling exhibits.” ~ Kathy Taylor, Eliot Elementary School



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