The Historic Henshaw House

The original home at 7112 Newcastle was a one story home built in 1925 by Earl E. Edwards, President of Sealy Mattress Company. Frank W. Henshaw, Jr. (pictured at left), Bellaire Mayor from 1935-37, bought the estate in 1929. In 1939, the sun porch and the second story were added. Frank and Betty Henshaw, two of his four children, lived in the house until the Henshaw Estate was purchased in the summer of 1983 by the Friends of Bellaire Parks.

When The Friends bought the house from the Henshaw's it was in deplorable condition. Both the roof and floors had holes in them. The foundation had shifted, and the wiring and plumbing were faulty. The house did not meet the City fire code. But that did not dissuade The Friends from taking on the monumental task of making the house fit for the community to use.

Renovations to the Henshaw House were completed by numerous dedicated and determined volunteers. Dan Barnum donated his architectural services and helped to preserve the historic character of the house. Thanks to these preservation minded community members and volunteers, the Henshaw House still looks much like it did in 1929. The exterior of the house is as it was originally except for the wheelchair ramp, fire escape stairs, and deck porches.

Since its purchase by The Friends in 1983, the Henshaw House has served as a community center and as the home of the Hana and Arthur Ginzbarg Nature Discovery Center.

A crew of volunteers helped to renovate the Henshaw House and bring it up to City Code.

Henshaw House Dedication Ceremony

The Historic Henshaw House as it appears today (2010).



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