Meet Our Animals

These are the critters that you can get to know in our Discovery Rooms and in enclosures near the house.
You can also get to know them by attending our Meet the Animals sessions! 

COST: $10 per family
Advanced registration is not required.

Upcoming Meet the Animals programs include:

September 11 at 2 pm - Furry Feathery Friends

November 13 at 2 pm - Insects & Creepy Crawlers

Click our photos to learn more about us 

Nova, the Bearded Dragon Dusty, the Bunny
Franceska, the Rose Hair Tarantula
Red Eared Slider Scoot, the Three Toed Box Turtle Stinky, the Stinkpot Musk Turtle
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Roberto, the Bob White Quail  
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