Summer Science Camps

Ages 5 to 10

Days & Times:  Monday - Friday from 9:30am - 3:30pm

Cost: $230/wk Members or $290/wk Non-members

Optional After Care until 5:30pm each day for an added fee of $60/week.

Advanced registration is required. Online registration is now open!

2015 Dates and Topics

5 Continents, 5 Days: Habitats Around the World
Jun 8 - 12 OR Jun 15 - 19

Take a journey around the globe to investigate the unique habitats of 5 of the 7 continents. What makes life so different in Australia and Africa? What kinds of animals can be found on each continent and why are they there? Get ready for a globetrotting adventure full of games, crafts, animals and more!

Vertebrates: Animals with Bones
Jun 22 - 26 OR Jun 29 - Jul 3

Come explore the world of animals with backbones. We’ll spend each day of camp with a different group of vertebrates from around the world: Fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. We’ll learn what makes each group of vertebrates unique and wonderful.

Wild West in Texas
Jul 6 - 10 OR Jul 13 - Jul 17

Embrace the wild west as you learn about life on the frontier in this camp that will have you playing the part of a Texas pioneer. Discover the hardships pioneers faced as they lived off the land and relied on their knowledge of plants and animals to survive. How did they do it? Could you have survived the 1800’s in Texas? Come find out during this wild week camp!

Fizz, Bubble, Pop!
Jul 20 - 24 OR Jul 27 - 31  BOTH CAMPS ON WAIT LIST STATUS

From baking powder and vinegar volcanoes to “magic” paper that can turn green or pink and back again, chemical reactions are fizzy, fun, and surprising! Sign up for a week of hands-on scientific discovery, interactive games, chemical inspired crafts, and more!

Insects: Our Six Legged Friends
Aug 3 - 7 OR Aug 10 - 14

Join us for a fascinating week uncovering the most varied group of animals on Earth, the insects. Whether they creep and crawl under ground, fly through the air, or glide across the water, these animals have amazing life histories and survival stories! We’ll learn all about them in the classroom and outside.

What to Bring

Day 1 - Campers MUST have a signed Release Form (printable PDF) on their first day of camp.  You may complete this form and send it with them, or you can mail it to the Center (7112 Newcastle, Bellaire, TX 77401) before the camp begins.

Daily - Kids bring lunches.  We provide snacks and water.

Please don't hesitate to call us at 713.667.6550 with questions about our camps or for help with the registration process.

Campers work together and independently to solve problems, perform experiments, play games, create imaginative crafts, and more. Camps are limited to 20 children each week with 4 teen counselors assisting the Camp Instructor. Camp Instructors are salaried staff of the Nature Discovery Center.

Registration Information and Forms

Open enrollment has begun!

Click a button below for registration information specific to your membership status and for access to our camp registration forms.




Register Now, Pay Later!

You may sign up for several camps at once, and make a minimum payment for at least one of the camps up-front and then pay the remainder due over time as long as final payment for each week of camp is made 2 weeks before the child attends the camp. You will need to call the Center or come by in person to make these payment "installments".

Please be sure to read our Cancellation - Refund Policies - Classes, Camps!








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